Lecture Texts

Veronica Paz Wells

The Cosmic Revolution. The Extraterrestrials and the human beings.

A Cultural transition. A new perspective.

Paul Hellyer

A recap of how I got involved, and some of the information I have picked up since that time, plus a short assessment of where we stand at present. (45 minutes).Q and A from the audience.

Whitley Strieber

About his recent contacts, the letters he has received and his latest book: Supernatural.

Robert L. Salas

The UFO Phenomenon - estimate of the situation.

Robert will be giving a comprehensive review of his experience as well as others that he considers credible. He will also discuss the aspect of human abductions and also his own experience in that regard.

Esen Sekerkarar

Tapping into a conscious Cosmos

Keywords: The UFO phenomenon in Turkey wuth best evidence. Encounter with a non human being. CIA - Turkish intelligence cooperation, Message behind the Global Encounbters, the future of Mankind.

Suzy Hansen

Spirituality and the Intimate ET/Human Soul Connection

Suzy will present her unique understanding of the ‘dual soul’ in relation to her lifetime of alien contact, including her soul’s path into this life, the soul enhancement process, thje familial connection, and the Three Waves of volunteer souls incarnating on our planet she first made public in 2007. 

Many of us wonder what our purpose in life is, and what “tasks” we might achieve.  Suzy believes the Three Waves characteristics she describes have helped both experiencers and non-experiencers alike to make sense of their soul-purposes. 

She outlines how childhood –to-adulthood education onboard craft prepared her for participation in the complex programs of this positive alien agenda for human advancement and evolution

But the task now is to re-awaken “sleeping” souls in this time of global chaos.  Suzy will discuss how the aliens, along with human participation, are carrying this out on many levels, assisting the evolution of mankind at soul, spirit and physical levels.

How will humanity address the spiritual implications of alien disclosure?  

WWill it be our choice of disclosure, or ‘theirs’?

Key words: dual soul, advanced telepathy, consciousness, Three Waves groups, hybrids, soul enhancement, merging procedures, alien education programmes, reincarnation, life-between-lives, alien disclosure, soul connections, spirituality, global chaos.


Part 2

Alien Quantum Technology: The New Physics of Intelligent Light and Structural Consciousness

In the 1980s and 90s Suzy Hansen was able to describe advanced alien technology she has used and observed onboard craft, including the rigorous test procedures carried out by the aliens in order to identify and enhance human skills within their programs.  In the last 10 years, similar technology, albeit in less sophisticated forms, has emerged in our own world.  

Her experiences include flying a small craft with her mind through neural connection to the craft’s consciousness, medical/healing technology, traveling in a ‘liquid light’ elevator, and becoming one with advanced augmented reality.  Suzy outlines alien technology that has the power to radically change our medical, educational, environmental and societal norms. 

Is the evolution of spirituality and consciousness on our planet a necessary pre-requisite for such technological attainment?

Key words: advanced alien technology, testing procedures on craft, augmented reality, spirituality versus technology, consciousness, intelligent light, disintegration, alien medical technology, telepathy, the nuclear threat, energies and frequencies in alien technology, mind videos.

Paola Harris

The Space Brothers Movement. The history of Human looking extraterrestrials.

The lecacy of Colonel Philip Corso. The Day after Roswell.

Joseph Burkes

A Skype conversation with questions and answers on various aspects of extraterrestrial contact.

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